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Mobile application for NGO and nonprofit organizations

Make your NGO and nonprofit organizations app

NGO (Non-governmental organization) and nonprofit organizations can create their own mobile app for iPhone and android in minutes without programming thanks to our easy to use apps builder adiante apps.

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Why my organization should create a mobile application?

Everyday millions of apps are downloaded which represents an excellent opportunity for your message to be discovered.

In your app you can provide information about your organization, including all the events and activities to engage with the people that support you. Send push notifications to increase awareness and let people know the activities you organize.

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Your adiante app can:

  • Include the history, mision and vision of your organization
  • Add rich information about the projects you are working on: description, images, videos
  • Geolocate your meeting points and events. Thanks to the GPS indications, no one will get lost
  • Add information of the events your organization and members can get involved
  • Send push notifications, "Whatsapp" like messages with information about the activities and events they can participate.
  • Get feedback. create surveys to get valuable information from your members
  • Include your social networks twitter, facebook, youtube...
  • Let your contact you through phone, email or a form. Just one touch on the screen, and they'll contact you!
  • and many more things...

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How do I build my app?

Make your iPhone and android app is very easy:

first step

Create the app

Enter your free adiante apps account, hit "Create app" and add your contents (calendar, photo gallery, song list, videos, surveys, twitter...).

second step

Preview your app

Download our free app previewer, Adiante Drafts, available on the App Store and on Google Play.

third step


When you have everything ready, just press the publish button, we take care of the rest.

Yeah! That easy!

With adiante apps first you make your app, then you customize it with your preferences and only when you want to publish it you press the publish button.

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Advantages of adiante apps

Developers not required!

No coding required

Create your own mobile app without coding a single line.

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Your apps for iPhon (iOS) and Android. Get them published on the App Store and on Google Play

$$$$ money, money, money!


You can earn money adding Google Ads (admob) or charging business for appearing in your app.

Better and better thats your app :D

Your app gets better with time

Because we are continuously evolving adiante apps with new features.

Customizing rocks

Customize it!

You've got dozens of modules to add your contents . Customize your app with your brand image.

you can change your app whenever you want

Instant updates

Even once published you can change your app whenever you want.

The fastest and easiest to use apps builder

Fast and easy

Our app editor is really easy to use, with a user friendly interface build your mobile app in less than 10 minutes.

Preview your app, check how it looks

You see the final result

You can see how the app is going to look in your own smartphone.

Your app is beautiful

Beautiful apps

Because we care about the design, your app will look awesome.

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Learn more about our app builder in our 1 minute video

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