End of Life notice
We are sorry to inform you that adiante apps will cease activity on 2020-11-30 on accounts with an active paid plan. Accounts without an active paid plan will stop being available on 2020-07-31.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Frequently asked questions

Where can I find a tutorial?

Here you can find a video that explains in detail how to build a mobile application with adiante apps and how to test the app on your own mobile phone. You can do all this for FREE!

Watch video

Do I need to pay to try adiante apps?

You can try adiante apps completely for FREE. Just build your app and test it on your Android device using our free app viewer "adiante drafts" (free on Google Play). You will only need a paid plan when you want to publish your app and let your users download it.

How can I test my app?

You can test your app with an Android device. You just need to download adiante drafts, FREE on Google Play, log in with your user, and select the app you want to test.
adiante drafts for android mobile/tablet

How long will it take until my app is available on Google Play and/or the App Store?

Standard periods are: Google Play 5-7 days; App Store 30-35 days (including the time to register as Apple developer and the time Apple takes to review the app). These intervals may vary depending on Google/Apple review processes, but do not worry, we will let you know via email as soon as the app is available.

Do I need to pay if I want to make changes in my app?

All changes in contents, colors and organization of modules are included for FREE, and the users of your app will see these changes instantly. For example, you can add new images to your galleries, create/remove modules, reorganize the modules of your app, or change the background image. Just modify the app and the users will see the changes automatically.
Once the app is published, the only items that cannot be changed automatically are: name of the app, main app icon, the image while app is loading and data describing your app in Google Play and/or App Store (description, short description, keywords, category, web, email, copyright, app screenshots). In order to modify these elements it is required to re-publish your app and re-submit it to the stores. This operation has a cost of 149.99€ + taxes.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept secure payments made with PayPal, a renowned secure payment gateway which accepts any credit card. Contact us if you need other payment methods (wire transfer, etc.).

Can I set a price to my app, so people have to pay to download it?

Yes, you can charge for your app. You just need to sign up for a PREMIUM plan and request us to publish your app on your own App Store/Google Play accounts with your desired price. The amounts that Apple and Google pay will be entirely for you.

How can I register as a developer on Google Play and the App Store?

Register as a Google Play developer.
Register as an Apple developer. Please make sure to register a COMPANY Apple Developer account: in order to be allowed by Apple to publish your app on your behalf it is required to register a Company account instead of an Individual account. The company that registers the developer account must be the owner of the contents of the app.

Can I include in my app more than one module of the same type?

Yes, of course. You can add as many image galleries, video galleries... as you want. All the modules you want of all the kinds you want.

I want to try it for free!

Try your app on your own smartphone for free