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Recently we have made sure that all our apps are compatible with iOS 9 and Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Congratulations if you have made your mobile application with adiante apps! With adiante apps your mobile application will always be updated to cutting-edge mobile technology.

adiante apps ios 9    adiante apps android 6 marshmallow

One of the main drawbacks of creating a mobile app in the traditional way is that, once the mobile application is developed, your app soon becomes obsolete when new versions of operating systems or devices appear (iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11, Android 6 M, Android 7 N, Android 8 O, iPhone 7, iPhone 7s, iPhone 8, iPad, Nexus...). Also, maintenance of your app, and adapting it to these new operating systems and devices is not cheap.

With adiante apps you do not have to worry. All these is included in your contract: maintenance and adapting your app to new versions of iOS (iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11...), new versions of Android (Android 6 Marshmallow, Android 7 Nougat, Android 8 Oreo, Android 9 P...) and new devices (iPhone 7, iPhone 7s, iPhone 8, Nexus...). You can focus on your contents, your pictures and the information inside your app, and we will take care of the rest!

Build your mobile app now and try it for free on your own mobile device!

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Many of you have requested this feature, so here it is! In your adiante apps mobile application now you can hide the titles in menu items. This way, if the icons of the modules already represent their contents, and the text of the title is not necessary, you can hide the titles in that menu.

adiante apps with titles screenshot    adiante apps without titles screenshot

In order to hide the titles of the items in a menu module of your app, you can deactivate the option "show title on menu items" and the titles will not be shown.

Build your app now and try it for free on your own mobile device!

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As we usually say, adiante apps is in constant evolution adding new enhancements and features to the platform without additional charge, that is why your application gets better with time.

adiante apps new menu screenshot

Now a new type of menu is available so that you can choose the one you like the most or if you want to give some fresh air to your app (just a tip, all types of menu are very pretty :). In this new menu, module icons are shown as a grid, and you can scroll horizontally through as many pages as required in order to show all the items. In a big effort to be original, we have named it items by pages.

What are you waiting for to try it?

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For the creation of the adiante apps templates we had to create a set of icons to represent a metaphor the particular usage of a module.

Not all of us are graphic designers or have the tools to create icons. That's why we have published the 71 icons we made for our templates Now you can used them in your apps for FREE!.

From the adiante apps team we hope this will help you to create your mobile apps faster and more easily.

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One of the most demanded kind of apps from smartphone ownwers are tourist guide apps. Also, according to the World Tourism Organization, this sector is generating more revenues each year.

capturas app turística hecha con adiante apps

In fact, well known companies of the tourist guide world such as Lonely Planet, knowing the potential these kind of apps have, already have released their mobile version guides.

It turns out that one of the types of apps you can make with adiante apps, is a tourist guide app. In this article we decypher the keys to create a mobile app that adds value to tourists as well as for local businesses..

What contents shall a tourist guide app have?

Whenever we make an app we try to solve a problem. In this case the primary goal is to provide useful information for the toursit. Focusing on this, the rest will come alone. An additional ingredient your will need is your local knowledge of the area.

Hence, some of the contents you can include are:

  1. Places to visit

    It is obvious, tourists want to know and visit those locations that make the place unique.

    When chosing contents of these venues, try to be concise and do not write a technical paper with too many information that only a university professor would be interested. Rembember, your users are tourists.

    Whenever you can, include prices of the entrances and opening times together with references to the oficial web pages, phones, etc.. Also, try to mention all "folkloric" stories. For example, if you make an app of Salamanca (Spain) you could mention why there is an astronaut on the cathedral or what is behind the frog sculpture at the university.

    Additionally, in many cities companies offer activities such as boat rides, nearby locations trips, hop-on hop-off buses, etc. These are interesting activities for tourists and may become a source of income.

  2. Where to eat

    Frecuently tourists do not plan where to eat. Look for a place where taste typical dishes at a good price is something that will add value to your guide. Including a section where you talk about local dishes is a good idea. Tourists usually are interesting in trying local food and typical dishes.

  3. Where to sleep

    Accomodation information is useful while preparing the trip. Generally, tourists arrive to their destinations with their hotel already booked.

    Add a guide whith recommendations of the areas they can sleep depending on their preferences. Some may want to be close to the nightlife area and other may prefer to stay in the old town where they can reach everything by foot.

    Hotels, hostals and bed & breakfast may be interestedin appearing in this section. But take into account that you are competing against webs like booking, trivago or hotels.com. However, as we'll see later, you can use them as your app prescriptors on exchange for appearing in your app as part of your marketing strategy.

  4. Useful information

    This section condenses all those things you should know whenever you go to a place, specially when you are a foreigner. For example, if the city has airport, you can talk about the options to get to the center and their costs, information about public transpor, nightlife areas, dangerous neighborhoods, security advices, local currency, electicity voltage and plug type, typical souvenirs and where cab be bought, weather and clothes to wear, etc..

Monetizing your mobile app

In this article we already talk about how to get revenues with ads in your app.

In a tourist application, once you are sure that your app offers an added value to the tourists, it becomes the perfect showroom for business related with tourism. Create a list of local companies that may be intersted in appearing in your app. And think where do the fit in the contents of your app. You need to contextualize each type of business. For example, it makes sense to add restaurant advertisements in the "where to eat" section. Then contact these companies and make them an offer.

Another option that you can exploit is to create a section with offers and promotions.

Promoting your app.

Another task you have to think about, after releashing your app is how to let the tourists known that your app exists. You have to think in your marketing strategy.

In this other article we talk about how to get downloads. One of the strategies you can use for your mobile app is to create some kind of leaflet or display to market your app. Then, convert your customers (business for tourists) in your prescriptors. For example, you can exchange with hotels appearing in your app if they share your leaflets in their lobby and/or rooms. You can also include as part of the contact that they have to advertise your app or have a sticker in their business door.

Now, it is your time...

As we mentioned, big companies of the editorial world are already creating apps for tourists. However, their guides are more focused on country level and tier one cities. It creates an opportunity for local entrepreneurs with knowledge of the area to create tourist apps and unveil the wonders of their city.

Thanks to tools like adiante apps, it is no longer required to have programming skills, and you can focus only on adding the contents.

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adiante apps is in continuous evolution. Not only we update your mobile app with the new operating systems, also we add new features to the platform.

Today, we have released a few changes in the user interface of adiante apps web editor. Among other things we have changed the top bar style to be coherent with our home page theme and we have introduced a new typography on the editor that is more readable. Additionally, we got rid of some elements of the which made "noise". The result a more attractive and clean apps builder interface.

Also, a few small usability improvements are now available. For example, in the module "Customized content", now you can switch between dark and fair background. This is specially useful if your app theme has a dark background.

We hope you enjoy these changes!

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clasificacion deportiva app liga iphone android

With adiante apps you can create an app for your team. If you make an app of this kind, one of the tasks you will have to perform is to keep updated the results and the classification. In this article you'll learn how to easily do this.

We are going to use two things. The first one is a Google Docs spreadsheet template that our team has prepared for you. We'll keep the classification updated by changing the number of matches won, lost and drawn. The second thing we'll use is a "Customized content" module.

Create your own template copy.

The first thing we'll do is to create a copy of the template. Open this link:

Link to the Google docs template

and in the menu file select "Make a copy":

Note that you will need to have a gmail account.

Customize the content.

Next thing we'll do is to change the contents of the file. At the bottom you'll see three tabs. Click on the one labeled "English" and modify the names of the teams. Then change the columns W (matches won), D (matches drawn) and L (matches lost) with the actual results of the league.

Modify only the columns Team, W, D and L

Do not change the columns P (matches played) and Pts (Points) as they are calculated automatically.

If you need to add more teams, copy the last team row and continue modifying the values of the columns. By using this method, the columns P and Pts will be updated automatically.

Once you have introduced the dates of all the teams, click on the small arrow next to the F columnand select sort Z->A. This will update the classification according to the number of points each team has.

Also, note that on the "Config" sheet you can modify the points given to each result (win, lost, drawn).

Update your app

Cool! now there is only one step left. Open in a new tab adianteapps.com and add the "customized content" module if you haven't done it already. Go back to the spreadsheet and select all the columns with data. Then copy them (pressing Control+C) and paste them in the customized content module editor (pressing Contro+V).

Et Voilà! This is the result in your phone:

Every week, after all matches have finished, update the W,D, and L columns, sort them again Z->A, and copy-paste the table in your customized content module.

Then don't forget to send a push notification to your supporters to inform them about the team results and the updated classification list.

Yeah! That easy...

Well, now is your turn, you can start building the app of your team and add to it the classification of the league.

We hope this tutorial was useful, if you have any doutb or something to add, don't hesitate to contact us through our social networks.

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Apps builder drag and drop images

We are not tired of repeating it, adiante apps is continuously evolving. Either we add more features or we improve the existing ones.

We are pleased to announce the option added in our web editor that allows you to drag and drop all the images that you can include in your app, including icons and image galleries.

Here you have a video that shows up how cool is this new feature:

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app of a restaurant served on a tray

As you know with adiante apps you can easily make the app of your restaurant, without programming and at a low cost. But, how do you get revenues from it?

A mobile app is a great tool to boost customer loyalty and to improve some business processes. In this article we are going to give you the recipe to extract the maximum of your restaurant app.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are "Whatsapp" like messages. The are useful to communicate with your customers in an effective way. Let's see an example. Suppose that it is tuesday night. This day is the one with lowest number of customers within the week. You bought a lot of seafood for the sunday, but there is some spare and you will have to throught it out if you do not sell it today. Now, imagine that you were able to send a whatsapp message to all your customers saying: " Tonight seafood platter at 50% discount.". You can achieve this with push notifications.

Notice that with this offer you are killing two birds with one stone. First, because you attract customers the night with lowest activity in your business. Second, because you sell some goods you would need to get rid off.

Try different days, offers and measure the results to check which one performs better. But careful, push notifications have a drawback. If you become a spammer and your messages are no longer interesting, push notifications may end up in uninstalling your app. Use them wisely and with moderation.

Digital Menu

restaurant app menu screenshots iphone5

Include the menu of your restaurant and your app will be a modern digital menu.

Imagine that your customers see on the table an informative note that says: "Download our mobile app and take a look to our meno.". With this you get:

  • More downloads of your app. The more customers have your app, the more effective will be your push notification campaigns.

  • Save time to your waiters.The waiter won't have to bring the menu to the customer and then collect it back. He will just need to take the order.

  • Reduce waiting times for your customers.

Although it may take some time to educate your customers this usage of your app may lead to a better service. Think that if banks are educating us to go to the ATM and not to the cashier restaurants can also do this.

As mentioned earlier, get downloads is important for us. In this article we explain you how to get more downloads and how to promote your mobile app

24h/day Bookings

Obviously, with your app, you'll have one-click-to-call, but appart from that customer can fill a reservation form within your app. It does not matter the time of the day, if your are not at the restaurant at that moment, or if nobody can answer the phone, the user just needs to fill the form and wait for your confirmation. And you only need to check the email from time to time.

Less intermediaries

From a time now, some restaurant aggregators and home delivery became popular. Because of their high traffic, these services are interseting for the acquisition, that is, to get new customers and they may lead to generate new customers.

However, these websites dilute our brand. A guest diner who comes from these sites is not really our customer, but a customer of that web. With our app we can offer our customer a service in which we will save these intermediaries commision and strengthen our brand..

How is the adiante app of a restaurant?

Here you have a video (in Spanish) in which we show you our template app of a restaurant:

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Smart App Banners are those banners that appear at the top of the screen of your smartphone browser, that provide a link to download an app. If you have a mobile app and a web, you can lead downloads of your app from your web using these banners for any visitor using an smartphone. Therefore, these banners are a great tool to promote your mobile app.
In this article you will learn how to create your own app Smart App Banner.

example of banner on an iphone smartphone
Example of Smart App Banner

In the example of the image above you can observe the Smart App Banner of the Feliz Navidapp webpage. In order to include your own banner you need to be able to edit the HTML source code of your webpage.

Smart App Banner for iOS

In order to display the banner whenever a visitor opens your web using an iOS device (iPhone, iPod or iPad) you only need to include the following line within the head element of your HTML code:

<meta name="apple-itunes-app" content="app-id=myAppStoreID">

You need to change the myAppStoreId with your app's id. You can find it on the App Store download address. For example for the previous example app, Feliz Navidapp The App Store URL is:


So the id is: 771141588. If we set this id within the code:

      <meta name="apple-itunes-app" content="app-id=771141588">

For more info, here you have the complete reference of Apple Smart App Banners.

Smart App Banner for Android

There is no native support on Android for Smart App Banners, but you can use a jQuery plugin instead.

First, download the plugin and upload to your server jquery.smartbanner.css and jquery.smartbanner.js.

Then, you need to include two fragments of code. The first one within the head element:

<meta name="google-play-app" content="app-id=com.package.android">
<link rel="stylesheet" href="/path/a/jquery.smartbanner.css" type="text/css" media="screen">

Modify the path to jquery.smartbanner.css and set it to the path where you uploaded the file on your server. Replace the package name com.package.android with your app package name. You can also find it on the download URL for the Google Play:


The second piece of code has to be included at the end of the body.

<!-- copy body -->
    <script src="//ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.8/jquery.min.js"></script>
<script src="/path/a/jquery.smartbanner.js"></script>
    <script type="text/javascript">
    <!-- end copy body -->

You also have to update the route to the file jquery.smartbanner.js

So, putting it all together:

    <!-- copy head -->
    <meta name="google-play-app" content="app-id=com.adianteventures.adianteapps.feliz_navidapp">
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="jquery.smartbanner.css" type="text/css" media="screen">
    <!-- end copy head -->
    <!-- copy body -->
    <script src="//ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.8/jquery.min.js"></script>
    <script src="jquery.smartbanner.js"></script>
    <script type="text/javascript">
    <!-- end copy body -->

Your Smart URL

If you create your mobile app on adiante apps, you already have a smart URL available. Instead of sharing multiple download addresses (for iPhone, iPad, Android...), you only need to share one address. And this address is smart: if it is opened by an Android device, the user is redirected to Google Play, and can download your app with a single click; if the link is opened by an iOS device, the App Store is opened showing your app profile page. If the address is opened by a desktop computer, it displays a landing page with Google Play and App Store links.

In our Feliz Navidapp example, its smart URL is http://www.adianteapps.com/FelizNavidapp.

Promote your app

In this article we have seen how we can redirect mobile web traffic to increase our app downloads using a Smart App Banner. You can also make many other things to promote your app. You can read this article about how to promote a mobile application.

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from the idea to the publication

During the last articles we have been writing about our experience in the world of the mobile apps. We wrote some guides and tutorials in which we tried to highlight some tips and recommendations for our users to make their own apps better. In this post we make a compilation of these articles.


When someone starts thinking about creating a mobile app has to answer a few questions: how it is going to be useful for his customers, the added value it provides, who is going to be interested in downloading it, etc. With adiante apps, you can create multiple types of appsr each one focused on a particular kind of business.

One of the ways to get income from an app is including ads and promoting brands. In this guide we cover some options our users have used to get revenues from ads.

Design and development of the app

Not all of us have design and development skills. That's why we created adiante apps. With our apps builder you can make your own mobile app without programming. The editor includes a set of predesigned color themes which help you to customize your app with your favorite colors. Additionally, we wrote this article about icons and backgrounds for your app that you can download for free..


Once your app is ready, it is the time to publish it. At that point is recommended to think about what is called App Store Optimization (ASO). The ASO is the equivalent of the SEO in the world of the mobile apps. Basically, it concerns the optimization of the app name, keywords, description, etc. In this guide we cover how to use ASO to increase your app downloads.


Once the app is published in the stores you have to promote it. Publish an app, because of the fierce competence won't generate thousands of downloads. You have to create a strategy to promote your app. Focused on small companies and entrepreneurs in this guide we give you some tips to promote your mobile app.

Now is your turn...

When we created our tool to create mobile apps, we were looking to ease the design and development task. In this guides we try to help you to make your app a success. Because your success is our success :-).

(over 6 years ago) by

Whenever you create your app you can start from a blank app or use a predefined app template. The latter option helps you to have a canvas to begin with.

As we are continuously evolving the platform which allows you to create more types of mobile apps. A few days ago we introduced you some mobile app templates. Today we are pleased to introduce you new types of app templates:

App for real estate agency

Create an app like this one

App for hairdressers

Create an app like this one

Music festival App

Create an app like this one

(over 6 years ago) by

Provide the possibility to get payments through hour mobile app is an interesting option. In this video we show you how to use the traditional "Buy now" buttons of PayPal and add them to your mobile app.

(note the video is in Spanish)

What is PayPal?

PayPal is one of the well known payment gateways commonly used on the Internet. It provides you an easy way to send and receive payments. Is one of the subidiaries of Amazon and is a safe way to make payments not only for the sender but also for the receiver.

In order to receive payments through PayPal you need to create an account linked to your email address, which will be a key info when creating the button.

How to add the button to your app

The procedure es pretty simple. Just access to the page to create buttons and when you get the HTML code click on the "Email" tab. Copy the link in a module "Online Shop" and that's it :D

With this solution you can sell products and services from your app. But we are working in new features that will allow you to go further and offer the best shopping experience in your app.

So, you know, if you are not selling through your app is because you don't want :)


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