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One of the most demanded kind of apps from smartphone ownwers are tourist guide apps. Also, according to the World Tourism Organization, this sector is generating more revenues each year.

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In fact, well known companies of the tourist guide world such as Lonely Planet, knowing the potential these kind of apps have, already have released their mobile version guides.

It turns out that one of the types of apps you can make with adiante apps, is a tourist guide app. In this article we decypher the keys to create a mobile app that adds value to tourists as well as for local businesses..

What contents shall a tourist guide app have?

Whenever we make an app we try to solve a problem. In this case the primary goal is to provide useful information for the toursit. Focusing on this, the rest will come alone. An additional ingredient your will need is your local knowledge of the area.

Hence, some of the contents you can include are:

  1. Places to visit

    It is obvious, tourists want to know and visit those locations that make the place unique.

    When chosing contents of these venues, try to be concise and do not write a technical paper with too many information that only a university professor would be interested. Rembember, your users are tourists.

    Whenever you can, include prices of the entrances and opening times together with references to the oficial web pages, phones, etc.. Also, try to mention all "folkloric" stories. For example, if you make an app of Salamanca (Spain) you could mention why there is an astronaut on the cathedral or what is behind the frog sculpture at the university.

    Additionally, in many cities companies offer activities such as boat rides, nearby locations trips, hop-on hop-off buses, etc. These are interesting activities for tourists and may become a source of income.

  2. Where to eat

    Frecuently tourists do not plan where to eat. Look for a place where taste typical dishes at a good price is something that will add value to your guide. Including a section where you talk about local dishes is a good idea. Tourists usually are interesting in trying local food and typical dishes.

  3. Where to sleep

    Accomodation information is useful while preparing the trip. Generally, tourists arrive to their destinations with their hotel already booked.

    Add a guide whith recommendations of the areas they can sleep depending on their preferences. Some may want to be close to the nightlife area and other may prefer to stay in the old town where they can reach everything by foot.

    Hotels, hostals and bed & breakfast may be interestedin appearing in this section. But take into account that you are competing against webs like booking, trivago or hotels.com. However, as we'll see later, you can use them as your app prescriptors on exchange for appearing in your app as part of your marketing strategy.

  4. Useful information

    This section condenses all those things you should know whenever you go to a place, specially when you are a foreigner. For example, if the city has airport, you can talk about the options to get to the center and their costs, information about public transpor, nightlife areas, dangerous neighborhoods, security advices, local currency, electicity voltage and plug type, typical souvenirs and where cab be bought, weather and clothes to wear, etc..

Monetizing your mobile app

In this article we already talk about how to get revenues with ads in your app.

In a tourist application, once you are sure that your app offers an added value to the tourists, it becomes the perfect showroom for business related with tourism. Create a list of local companies that may be intersted in appearing in your app. And think where do the fit in the contents of your app. You need to contextualize each type of business. For example, it makes sense to add restaurant advertisements in the "where to eat" section. Then contact these companies and make them an offer.

Another option that you can exploit is to create a section with offers and promotions.

Promoting your app.

Another task you have to think about, after releashing your app is how to let the tourists known that your app exists. You have to think in your marketing strategy.

In this other article we talk about how to get downloads. One of the strategies you can use for your mobile app is to create some kind of leaflet or display to market your app. Then, convert your customers (business for tourists) in your prescriptors. For example, you can exchange with hotels appearing in your app if they share your leaflets in their lobby and/or rooms. You can also include as part of the contact that they have to advertise your app or have a sticker in their business door.

Now, it is your time...

As we mentioned, big companies of the editorial world are already creating apps for tourists. However, their guides are more focused on country level and tier one cities. It creates an opportunity for local entrepreneurs with knowledge of the area to create tourist apps and unveil the wonders of their city.

Thanks to tools like adiante apps, it is no longer required to have programming skills, and you can focus only on adding the contents.

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