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The Spanish Association of Mobile Marketing published III study of m-commerce in Spain, that demonstrates once again the importance of the presence in the mobile for small medium companies (SME).

Some days ago we wrote about the influence of the smartphones in-Store, based on a study made on the US. Today we present you some highlights of a report made in Spain:

  • 56% of the Spanish use his mobile to access the shop web or apps at least once a month.

  • 50% thinks taht is important for restaurants to provide information easily accesible from the mobile either by a mobile app or web.

  • 57% of the Spanish would be more loyal to a bran if it offered instant promotions.

  • 71% of the Spanish would be more loyal to a brand if it provided exclusive offers based on his location..

  • 51% would share its location in order to receive exclusive offers.

The report leaves a clear message: companies can gain and build loyalty increasing their presence in mobile. In addition to this, it is important to recall that Spain, with a 66%, has the highest penetration of smartphones in Europe ¡Two out of three Spaniards own a smartphone!

Also, these figures confirm the bet the adiante apps team did two years ago when we started this project. Our aim was to create a platform that allowed small medium companies to create mobile apps at a low cost.

Here you have the infography, source of this article (unfortunately only available in Spanish):

III estudio sobre el comercio móvil en españa

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