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The kind of applications that you can build with adiante apps is very wide. One of these types is the events, fairs, and local celebrations. In this article we will talk about one recent successful app: Vive la Feria de Albacete (live the Fair of Albacete). This mobile application is an example of how content is what makes a mobile app a success.

differente screenshots of the vive la feria de albacete app

The application in its first months is already the most downloaded app of the Fair of Albacete in android. Figures say everything.:

  • more than 10,000 downloads in its first weeks after the release,

  • more than 100,000 sessions during the 10 days of the fair.

  • around 50 local business sponsored the app

  • deep coverage about the app on local media

  • hundreds of mentions in social networks

  • and good reviews on the App Stores.

Albacete is a small town of Spain with approximately 150,000 citizens widely known in the country because of its celebrations. From the 7th to the 17th of September the city gets transformed and between 600,000 and 1,000,000 visitors come to the city to enjoy the party, buy local artisan goods and eat the local delicatessen.

During the celebration, the city council organizes hundreds of activities (for children, sports, religious, theater plays,...). Also, there is an special bus service that runs the whole night and around the "recinto ferial" many rides, stalls and shops are installed.

All these things make this event to have all the ingredients to create a great app. But now, thanks to adiante apps you can build it by yourself.

Here is a summary of the contents of the app

  • Program of events and activities organized by day and by category (for children, cultural, sports...).

  • Information about the buses: location of the stops, schedules, prices...

  • Information about the taxis. Also, location of the stops, schedules, prices...

  • News of the local papers and media

  • Fotograferia: pictures with funny masks overlaid

  • The local wheader

  • Coverage in twitter with the hashtag #FeriaDeAlbacete

  • And, of course, information about the best deals and promotions

As you can see, the contents were pretty complete and helped the visitor to enjoy the celebrations thanks to the information provided by the app

Making of

We consider that the application can be described as an example of how to use the adiante apps modules to create rich content mobile applications.

Menu modules are ideal to structure the contents of your app. Link modules are great to avoid the duplication of contents.

As we said, the program of activities organized by the city council had several hundred of activities. So organize it in a hierarchy was mandatory and menu modules were use for this. Also different ways to organize the activities was required (for example, by day or by type of activity). In this case, link modules helped us to solve this issue avoiding the repetition of content..

To avoid a monotonous interface, the app used the different layouts the menu module provides:

layouts the menu module provides

Other modules that were very useful too were the point in the map

and multiple points in the map. With them users had available the geolocation of the bus stops, the taxi stops and the location of those business that offered discounts or promotions. This was something visitors that came for the first time were very thankful, not mentioning the local business that were able to increase their sales.

location of the bus stops in the map

Thanks to the geolocation modules the users of the app were able to find the location of the best deals.

Local business were also very excited with the app. Thanks to the dynamic content management system of the platform they were able to promote their business. The platform gave them a whiteboard for presenting their offer and business. Also, they were able to link their social networks and add their contact information (phone, email, website).

Have dynamic content was important to get recurrent visits. For that a section of news was created. It contained links to the RSS of the local media as well as links to their social networks, so any user could be up to date about all the news that were surrounding the fair. For the newspapers was also a great opportunity to increase the number of readers.

Finally, the module pictures with masks also provided the app some funny and unique features. Pictures with masks overlays a mask (a semi transparent image) with a picture you take with the phone camera. Creating funny mask such as sun glasses, "I love Albacete" and things like that visitors could have a funny picture to share in their social networks and inform their circles that they were enjoying the fair of Albacete.

What are you waiting for?

As you can see, create mobile applications rich in contents for an event, fair or a celebration is synonym of success.

If you know an event that needs its own mobile application, now thanks to adiante apps, you do not need programming skills or make a large investment. You can do it yourself!

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