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there are no new push notifications

Push notifications are those short messages that you get in your phone and that are linked to an app. They are a powerful mobile marketing tool that, probably, because of the lack of knowledge has been certainly underused by most companies.

What is a push notification?

A common example that we use to explain what is a push notification is a Whatsapp message. Every time someone sends you a message through Whatsapp, you receive a push notification, that is, a small popup that appears in your home screen and plays an alert sound.

Push notifications have an opening ratio of 40% to 60%.

According to an study of Urbanairship, push notifications have an opening ratio that varies from 40% to 60%. These figures are incredibly high if we compare them to other kinds of asynchronous messages such as email campaigns which have an average opening rate of ~20%.

SME that have their own mobile app can use push notifications as an effective marketing tool and provide to their clients information of their interest such as events, offers, promotions, prizes, or why not, Merry Christmas or wish a happy New Year.

The mayor difference compared with social networks is that the usage of push notifications is in an embryonic status. It is clear that twitter and Facebook have revolutionized the communication with the client. There is no doubt. However, with their mass use, their effectivity is not assured anymore. There is another important factor: Facebook and twitter now are companies that are listed on the stock market, which has one negative aspect, now they worry more about their investors rather than their users and investors only care about the financial statements.

Facebook affirms that pages organically reach about 16% of their fans on average., although other sources such as Edge Rank Checker, pose that the figures are even lower, close to 12.6%. So, if you have 1000 fans in your Facebook page only 126 will see your message. And as you can imagine, Facebook recommends to sponsor your page by creating an ad :)

The twitter case is completely opposite. Your twits are lost among the thousands of twits others generate.. Whereas Facebook applies a filter to the post each user receives, Twitter does nothing, the consequence is that you can't see the wood for the trees. There are so many messages that yours is lost. Of course, twitter offers highlighted twits (by color and position) as a paid option.

But, are the push notifications the Holy grail?

telefono con notificaciones push bonito

Because of its immediacy and the high percentage of reading, push notifications are an amazing marketing tool to let users "remember you" and the novelties you offer. Hence, push notifications are a very good tool for working on customer loyalty

Despite that, we have to be careful, if they are not used properly they may backfire. Push notifications can become an obstrusive way of reaching your customer. Therefore, the information you should transmit in them has to be relevant and contextualized. Frequency also has to be optimized, and it depends on the type of app. An excess of notification may be consider SPAM and result in an app uninstall.

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