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Now the applications you build with the editor of adiante apps will be more beautiful.

There are new features and changes that are already available. First,, the new color editor which allows you to fully customize your mobile app. Second, we have made more beautiful the interface of the mobile apps created with adiante apps.

With the new features of adiante apps you'll be able to build fully customized design mobile apps with a more beautiful interface.

Module redesign

Donald Norman says in his book Emotional Design,"Beautiful things are easier to use". And based on that pricinple we have revamped the look and feel of several modules.

  • Redesign of all the icons of the apps.

  • Improvements in the RSS module. No other app will display the news of your blog in a better way. We've taken care about the last pixel on the presentation of your news and posts.

    new brand redesigned rss module screenshots

  • Complete new events module . Now in the list of events we highlight the date and the time when the event is going to be celebrated. The detail view is also more appealing.

  • New features in the location modules. Maps now are centered in the area that the points cover. This will ease the navigation for the users. Additionally we have improved the detail view of a point.

  • Redesign of the Youtube module. We also have improved the design of the Youtube list. With larger images and more information about the videos the module looks much better.

    screenshots of the youtube module after the redesign

And if it weren’t enough, we have also included new features in our web editor.

  • Now, you will be able to work on modules only visible in adiante drafts

  • Additionally, you can duplicate existing modules on your app, so creating common structures will be faster.

  • Finally, we have increased the overall performance, everything works faster.

Please note that the redesign we mention here is only available in iPhone. But don't worry, in a few weeks we'll have ready the android version ready :-).

If you have already a mobile application on the stores, we will update all the apps once the android version is available.

Your turn

What are you waiting for to try this new version of adiante drafts for iPhone?

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