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One of the advantages of using adiante apps is that the development team is continuously evolving the platform. Your app becomes better and has more features with time.

In this occasion we want to introduce you two improvements of the map with a point module The first one is that now, you can add a top image to the module. The second one allows you to include child modules.

The module map with a point is used to add geolocated venues. For example. if you are creating a mobile application for a company, you can use this module to add the location of your offices, or if you are building an app for a touristic location, you can use this module to geolocate a monument, a museum, a cathedral, etc.

This module has two views: the detail screen, which displays the detail of the geolocation with the name of the street, a small map, and optionally a description. The second one appears when you touch the map, and displays a full screen map. Additionally, this module has a button that provides indications to that point from your location using Google Maps.

point in a map module screenshots

New features:

Top image

The first improvement is that now you can add a top image on the details view. Following the examples above, for a business app, you can add an image to show the façade of your offices so your customers can easily recognize the building. For a touristic place app, a picture of the monument can help the tourists to recognize it as soon as they spot it.

Add child modules

The second feature included is the possibility to add modules within the details view.

Until now, to create a hierarchy, you could not caca screenshots of the point in a map module

For instance, in the monument point, you can add a gallery to show more pictures, a custom content module to add a rich description, or a map with multiple points to show the locations of the restaurants nearby, a link to the website, a module to call, a form to do a reservation...

These two features enhance the module in two ways, the first one, in the appearance, because the picture provides a better looking. The second one is that thanks to the possibility of adding rich content the value you can provide in your app is also increased.

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