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We want to get an amazing look&feel in our app. However, not all of us have the economic resources to pay a professional designer. Fortunately, there are banks of free images that we can use in our apps and without having to pay a penny.

Although we are not going to deeply discuss about the legal part of the copyrights, it is important to remark that we cannot use in our app any image we find on the web. Before using a picture we have to be sure that its author allows third parties the usage of it.

Luckily, there are free images, pictures and icons that we can use freely. The least restrictive license used to distribute graphic resources is the Public Domain License, under which the author signs over the intellectual rights, so anyone can use that work freely. Another license that we will find habitually is the Creative Commons (CC). Under this, you can use the work without restrictions and in most of the cases a mention in the credits is enough to attribute the authorship.

Next, we are going to provide you a list of websites where you can find images and icons that can be used freely in your mobile application creation process. Thanks to them you will be able to achieve a professional finish touch.

Free icon websites

The following three sites are very similar regarding features and variety of icons. Basically, you will be asked to introduce a concept word that describes the icon you are searching for and they will show a set of results. For example, if you are looking for an icon for your blog section, simply type "blog".




Image websites

This is our shortlist of large and freely available image repositories. Use them to set a nice pic for the theme background or the icons in the menu module of your adiante app:

Flickr Commons

Creative Commons Search

Wikimedia Commons


We hope this article was useful and that it will help you to make awesome adiante apps.

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