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the easiest way to build your own mobile app

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Thanks to tools like adiante apps anyone can create a mobile app. Publish a mobile app is is easy, cheap and does not require programming skills.

However, once it is published, the hard part begins: get downloads. In this article we will show you how to promote a mobile app and we'll give you some tips that will help you to increase the number of downloads


According to the company Adeven there are 400.000 which are never downloaded. The truth is that Google Play and App Store both have more than one million apps, so our app may be difficult to find among them. Hence, have a promotion strategy is important. It would be a pity that our app does not get any downloads, specially after the effort we did to publish it.

Before publishing our mobile app there are a couple of things that we should do in order to facilitate the downloads and the findability. The first one is the optimization of the icon. Both, App Store and Google Play show the app icon in search results, therefore, you should design it following a few guidelines. The second one is related with the publishing process and the metainformation you provide about your app, that is you should care about the App Store Optmization.

Once published

Once your app has been published in the app markets you is the time of the promotion. All of us know that mobile apps are an excellent tool to acquire new customers and boost loyalty of our current users, but we cannot achieve this goal without downloads.

There are thousands of ways you can actually promote a mobile app, but in this article we'll talk about the ones you MUST DO no matter what.

How to provide instructions to download your app

The first barier you have to overcome is to facilitate instructions to download your app. Not everyone has the same skills using the phone so, you should provide easy to follow instructions and present alternative ways to get your app so your customers use the most convinient one.

Here you have some options:

  • Text indications

    If you use a short and simple text try something like this "Search for 'my business' in Google Play and App Store". Obviously, be sure that your app appears the first one on the search results of my business.

  • Short address

    Another way to help your users to download your app is to provide a short url or short address. There are free services specially designed for this, for example, dwapp.co facilitates one single unique address that you can share with your users. This address is smart, depending on the kind of device it is accessed it redirects the user to the download page of App Store, Google Play, etc.

    In adiante apps we also provide a smart url. For example, the short url for our app Feliz Navidapp is adianteapps.com/FelizNavidapp

  • QR code

    Last, you can also provide a QR code. A QR code is a bidimensional bar code that can be scanned and which redirects you to a web address you among other things. You can generate your own QR code , for example, with your short address. The advantage of the QR Code is that the user does not have to La ventaja del código QR es que no hay que teclear nada en el móvil. Sin embargo, tiene la desventaja de que no todo el mundo sabe qué son los códigos QR. Úsalos como complemento pero no como la única información que facilites.

    QR code
    QR Code example

    If you have your own adiante apps, you also have your own QR code.

Because the icon is something that is displayed in the search results of App Store and Google Play, in any graphic material you create you should include your app icon. It will ease your customer to identify you app from your competitors'. For this reason it is also important to differentiate your icon from others.

Promote your app in-store

If you have a place of business such as a shop, a restaurant, a disco or a hotel, it is common sense to start your promotion in your own place. Depending on the kind of business, you can think in different options. Here you have some examples:

  • Print a poster and place it in a visible location
    A poster in a visible place is a simple but effective way to make your customers know that you have a mobile app. If you have a shop, you can place it close to the cash register or in the door. In a hotel, the reception is a good location. In any case, place it in a location where most of your customers pass by.

    adiante apps poster

  • Print some visit cards and distribute them
    Distribute visit cards is another way to facilitate your customers the information neccessary to get your app. Visit cards are wearable, cheap, and you can include other contact information such as web, email, address, phone... For example, if you have a restaurant, a good moment to give it to your customers is together with the bill or in a table close to the door.

  • Create a flyer
    As well as the visit cards, a flyer is a cheap solution to promote your app. Also you can include on it the benefits your customers can get if they download the app.

Promote your app in your web

Place in a visible location wihtin your home page.

Additionally, add it in the permanent navigation (those links that are common to all the pages in your website) You can add the official icons provided by Applr snf Google (see below). And a possible location may be close to your Facebook and twitter.

If you don't like these images there are some pages in which you can find icons.

Additionally, if you have a blog, you should create an article about your app. Show off how good is your app, add some screenshots and the benefits for your customers.

One thing you should avoid is to metion thay you have a new cool app ONLY in your blog/news area and forget to add it on the rest of your website. Think that a post loses its relevance with time, and your app is something you want to be always relevante.

Promote your app in your social networks

People that liked your Facebook page or follow you in twitter are already interested in your product. Your app will be interesting for them too.

In twitter we recommend you to announce your app from time to time. Cualquier novedad es buena para recordar que tienes una app. You should use some redundancy because any twitter user generally receives thousands of tuits a day, and it is possible that they missed the first time you mentioned your app. Also, don't forget to metion you have an app everytime you update it.

You can add a link to your app also in your "bio", a link to the download is a good place.

In Facebook, on top of the initial announcement, you should publish a post each time you update your app. Include screenshots, they make it more appealing. Remember that according to Facebook each post is displayed only to the 16% of your followers so, again some repetition won't harm anyone.

Obviously, you can apply the same strategies to Google+, Pinterest.

To sum up

With a mobile app we can acquire and increase the loyalty of customers but we need them to download our app, so we need to promote it. In this article we have seen that basic actions to promote our mobile app just need some common sense and let our uses know that we have a cool new app through all our points of contact with our customers, and not limite it to a single action but give it some continuity adding a permanent reference to our app.

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