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Some time ago we wrote about pages where you could download icons for your app for free. In this article we will talk about how to make your own icon to increase the number of downloads of your app.

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The icon is a very important part of your mobile application. Together with the name are the two things displayed on the application stores. Hence, the icon is a key element that influences the number of downloads of your mobile app.

Then, how should your icon be designed? Follow these tips:

  • Flashy. Your icon has to be noteworthy. Highlight among the others.

  • Different. Enter your favorite mobile apps store. Then search for terms your app users would use to find you. Select a colorset that clearly differences your app icon from your competitors.

  • Simple. Your icon does not have to include thousands of details. Think that in the home screen of any phone it will be displayed small. Look for the essence.

  • Informative. Users should be able to know what is your application about only looking at the icon and your app name. Make it obvious.

  • Depict your personality. Specially if you already have developed your own brand it has to reflect the personality and values it represents.

  • The icon of your adiante app

    Make the icon of your adiante app is pretty straight forward. You do not have to include rounded borders, transparencies, or resize the image, we do it all for you. You only need to provide a high resolution image (preferred size is 1024x1024 pixels) and our system adapts your icon to look perfect in each phone. You only have to focus on the design, we take care about the rest.

    We hope this article was useful and, starting from now, you'll be able to create awesome icons for your apps.

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