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Include promoted content and advertisements is one of the options we have in order to monetize our adiante app.

adiante apps + your app = money

Apart from building apps for small medium companies, with adiante apps you can build more complex apps that aggregate contents. Among these apps we can include tourist place apps, groupon like mobile apps, local festivity apps o transport media apps.

These apps proveide a double added value. First, they are intersting fo those that download the app: they get useful information. As result these kind of apps tend to be quite popular and get lots of downloads.

Additionally, this popularity ends un in an interest for the local business. These apps are an exceptional way to promote their products and services. For example, in a tourist place app business such as restaurants, hotels, car rentall will be interested in appearing on these apps.

Adiante apps allows the app designer create spaces for these business and get revenues from the app. Thesea re some examples of how to include ads in your apps:

Google Admob

The easies and fastest way to include ads in your app is to get a Google Admob account..

Integrate Admob in your app is a very simple task. After signing up, you just have to create a profile for your mobile app which will be identified by a code. Then just copy that code in the ads input box dedicated for that in adiante apps and, thats it. You'll see the banners at the bottom of your app. Here you have a video which explains how to add Admob ads in your adiante app

admob screenshots adiante apps builder
Example of Admob banners

Each time someone hits on any of those banners you will get some money. Google will pay you once you get a minimum amount.

The great advantage of Admob is that is very fast to configure. The only drawback is that to make good money you need to get a large amount of traffic. Also your income will depend on the type of contents of the app and the country your users come from.

Inhouse ads with Google Admob

If you want to get your own advertisers and create your own banners you can also do it with admob. Here you have a tutorial about the creation of in-house Ads using Google Admob.

The advantage of these ads is that you can charge the price you want for those banners. The disadvantage is that you have to look for the advertisers.

Add promoted content for advertisers

If you prefer to get your own advertisers, another interesting option you have is to create modules with promoted contents.

For example, you can create "menu", "map with a point", "open web", "custom content" modules among others with information fo your advertiser.

In fact, you can create different options and charge different prices depending on the visibility of the content, the time it takes to introduce the contents, or the number of modules.

ejemplo de menú con un punto como espacio de un anunciante

Use app backgrounds with ads or cobranding

Maybe a company interested in appearing in your app wants to reinforce its brand just associating it with your innovative app. In that case you can offer either a cobranding of a background or a promoted background.

There are two kinds of menus that accept a background image. "horizontal list menu" and "list menu". Here you have two examples:

menu lista horizontal adiante apps con fondos de patrocinadores
menu lista adiante apps con fondos de patrocinadores

Promoted push notifications

Mobile applications made with adiante apps have push notifications support. These means that you can send whatsapp like messages to inform your app users about any new, event or relevant information.

These messages have a high percentage of read, and are much more effective than a post on facebook or a massive email. In this article we talk about push notifications as a marketing tool.

Monetize your app

One of the unique features of adiante apps is the possibility to create mobile apps with complex structures and contents easily. This allows you to create apps with complete contents and which generates lots of downloads and, hence, interest in busines to advertise on it. Thus, in this article we've seen different options to get revenues through including ads.

And you? What are you waiting to make your own mobile app?

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