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Now you can fully customize the design of the mobile app with the aplication editor of adiante apps. We have been working on this for the last months and, finally, we can present it to you.

You have available the new features of adiante apps. First, the new color editor to radically change the appearance of your mobile app. Second, you will love the new interface of the mobile apps.

With the new features of adiante apps you'll be able to build fully customized design mobile apps with a more beautiful interface.

Color Editor. Customize the look and feel of your app

Because we know that you want a unique mobile application, we have created the new color editor. Now, you can change all the colors of your mobile application: the navigation bar, the background and the text colors.

Predefined base themes

The color editor has two parts. The first one is the selection of base themes, the other one is the customization of colors. The idea behind the base themes is to let you use them as a source of inspiration as well as allow you not to start from a complete blank canvas.

new theme editor. base theme view

I color, you color, he colors...

The second part of the editor is the color editor which brings you the possibility to change all the colors of the app. Until now, in your adiante apps you had a high level of customization, you could only change the navigation bar color. Now, with a simple user interface you'll be able to radically change the design of your mobile app.

the new theme editor of adiante apps

Background mask overlays

In your app background you can play with two elements: the image and the mask overlay. With the background image, you can set a picture, a logo or a pattern, then you can apply the mask.

The mask is just a semi-transparent colored layer that is painted over the background image. In the editor you can play with two parameters of the mask: the color and the opacity level. Among other things, you can use the mask to reduce the contrast of the background application. In the example below you have an application with a grass background on the left with a transparent mask on the left and the same app but with a black mask with a 60% of opacity on the right.

application with a grass background and a transparent mask application with a grass background image and a black mask at 60% of opacity

Temporarily all the changes you make in the color editor will be reflected only on iPhone. But don't worry, in a few weeks we'll have ready the android version.

If you have already a mobile application on the stores, we will update all the apps once the android version is available.

Now is your turn

We encourage you to try this out!. Check how easily and fast you can have a fully customized mobile app with your brand colors clicking only a few times. And for any doubt, do not hesitate to contact us through the feedback form or email. We are nice people :-).

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