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screenshot of atiza the groupon like app for Albacete Spain

We would lie if we say that Atiza! is just another groupon with offers and promotions in Albacete (Spain).

Atiza! is an app that offers much more. Among other contents: a directory of local business, weather information, movie showtimes, public transport information, news, pharmacy opening times,...

Atiza! is a discount and offers aggregator for the local business of Albacete. This app follows a win-win model, both users and local business get a benefit. First, the users, because they have a single point to were getting the discounts around them.

Second, the local business, because they have a new channel to acquire and foster loyalty. To achieve this, the previous experience of the Atiza! team advices business owners on how to prepare the campaign. Team's previous experience in initiatives such as Albacupón (paper format coupons) and ke cupón (web), is a plus.

The mayor difference compare to a newspaper or magazine ad, apart from the cost is that the business can easily measure the return of investment. Whoever wants to use an Atiza! coupon has to show its mobile phone with the offer.

But Atiza! app is much more. The team has gone one step forward in the contents to add more value including:

  • A local business directory

  • Fast access to the movie showtimes

  • Pharmacies opening times

  • Cultural agenda

  • Local news

  • Information of the urban public transport

  • Phone numbers of interest

  • The weather

The truth is that the people behidn Atiza! did a great work, not only making an appealing and clear design, but also they have created a useful application for the businesses and for the town dwellers.

Definitely, this kind of initiatives aim the adiante apps team to continue working day by day to improve the platform.

And what about you? Are you up for creating an app like this for your city? Yes, with adiante apps you can

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