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According to César Alierta, president of the operator Telefónica, Latinamerica is the region that is growing faster worldwide in number of smartphones shipped.

In Mexico there are more than 32 millión smartphones and it is forecasted that in 2015 more than 70% of the mobile phone users will use smartphones. For this reason, entrepreneurs and business men have already started using the adiante apps technology to create a mobile app.

Here you have som examples of mobile apps made in Mexico:

Visit Chiapas App

The first touristic place app of the Mexican state of Chiapas. This app not only was a success in the number of downloads but also it capted the attention of the restaurants and hotel managers of the area as it is an excellent medium to showcase their business.

visit chiapas app para iphone a nd android made with adiante apps

Nayarit en linea

This aplicación para un periódico online. Esta app del periódico nayaritonline.mx is a clear example of how the usage of push notifications as well as interesting contents outcomes in returning visitors.

nayaritenlinea mexico for iphone android made with adiante apps

Hotel Spa Marinaterra

Marinaterra Hotel & Spa located in the heart of San Carlos (Mexico), close to the largest marina in México and in front of the Tetakawi hill. This hotel app allows its creators to launch promotions in low seasons, without intermediaries, directly to the customers reducing the costs and increasing the revenues.

Hotel marinaterra mexico for iphone android made with adiante apps

Fondant Cake House

With close to 10,000 downloads in only 6 months, the app of this family business located in México D.F. showcases the catalog of products. Now you can order a handmade cake from your phone without wasting the time to go to the physical shop.

fondant cake house mexico for iphone and android made with adiante apps

adiante apps in Mexico

These are entrepreneurs and business that have added the mobile as a new communication channel with their customers. Create a mobile app with adiante apps and enter the mobile mobile marketing does not require anymore large budgets.

And you? What are you waiting for trying our apps builder?

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