The Heritage River Walk is a public park maintained by The Village of Burk's Falls, in Burk's Falls, Ontario, Canada, and consists of twelve hiking trails, and several scenic picnic areas. The Main Trail follows the former route of the Magnetawan River Railway, connecting the welcome centre by the falls, to the fair grounds on the far side of town.

The Heritage River Walk App is a mobile application that is part trail map, part history lesson, blending together both a detailed description of the trail system, along with various points of local historical interest and significance.

The design is simple and user friendly, functioning as a convenient pocket size guide.
The App opens to an easily navigable menu. Here you will find a list of trails, and the points of interest along them, with several extended history sections that can be found below the trail listings.

Also included are a collection of historical photographs, (many of which have been laid in contrast with pictures of today,) and some heavily detailed,1920s insurance maps.

Our goal is to provide a free and informative service to those interested in both hiking and local history, presented in a convenient and environmentally friendly way. Our hope is that this app will encourage the community to take interest in both the hiking trails, and the rich heritage they are laid upon.